103: Do Children Have a Love Language

The 5 love languages

  • Affirmations: words of affection, endearment, praise, and encouragement
  • Acts of service: services for your child that they see as valuable
  • Receiving gifts: giving and receiving of undeserved gifts
  • Quality Time: being together, focused, and having your undivided attention
  • Physical Touch: hugs, cuddles, and kisses

Have you ever been shopping for your little one. You picked out many toys or clothes that you thought they would love. When you got it home and revealed their toys and clothes. The look they gave you. Left you stunned. Asking you, Mommy what is this? You were stuck with the feeling of I thought you would like this. You felt crushed like gosh I don’t even know my child anymore. I’m here to tell you, it’s ok if you’re feeling like this, thought like this or, even uttered the words out of your mouth. 

As a mother to a growing toddler. I had to face the fact that understanding my child’s love language. Helps my child to feel loved, appreciated, and acknowledged. If you are a parent feeling confused about children having a love language. They do have a love language. Just like you! No matter if you’re learning or relearning your child’s love language. 

I know you’re probably saying. This doesn’t make sense in a few days or a couple of months it suddenly changes. The concept I want you to take from knowing your child or children love language. As a parent who is present in your child’s emotional realm. You will see them thrive and develop in more ways than one. You will see them blossoming into a gorgeous butterfly. Shaking off their cocoon and taking the flight to more things new. 

As a first-time mom, learning everything possible from doctors to psychologists. They drilled in my head the emotional needs of a child. Is just as important as the physical needs of a child. The importance of a consistent schedule. Having this will create a structure not just for you as the parent but for your child as well. Stick to it because a child needs consistency. 

Every few months or so your little one changes. Their favorite toy or blanket becomes non-existent. Their favorite food or fruit grosses them out. Remember every night they couldn’t sleep without you near them or cuddle up with them. Let’s face it they change so much. As a parent, you have to become accustomed to their every need. Every need meaning you have to acknowledge and be present in every area of need.  

It’s so crucial to learn your children love language for their development. Have you noticed some children emotionally checked out? As a school bus driver, I encounter many kids. Some suffer from anxiety, depression, feeling alone, and feeling lost. Of course, there are more areas in which children suffer from. 

I want to stress that if you learn your child’s love language from the time they’re a toddler to adulthood. It doesn’t matter how many times it changes because we all know it will change. It’s very imperative to know their love language and communicate it properly to them. Their developmental stages are crucial in every aspect. Children seek validation from their parents. 

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