039: LED Portable Photo Studio Shooting Review

Amazon is my good ole faithful when ordering online. I seem to browse Amazon for everything. From Food to Toiletry and everything in between. I wasn’t for sure what I was looking for. I just knew I needed some lighting to take really good product photos. A good thing with Amazon. You can search for something else and a ton of similar products will appear. As I’m strolling through search. Many products appear for Photo Light Box and Mini Photo Studio Box. I’m quite sure you know. I took the time to search through tons of mini photo box photos and reviews.

The reviews on this really sold me on this particular photo light box. I had to have it in my life considering I just started a business and needed to take professional like pictures. Without paying professional like prices.

The LED Portable Photo Studio is so convenient and fits right on my table or desk. It’s super easy to assemble and use. The lighting is so perfect for my photos that I really don’t need any extra light.

I want to show you how I used it and what I use to take my photos for my poshmark and my website. One thing I can truly say I’m so pleased it is easy to assemble and use. As an entrepreneur so many things run through my mind of what I need and the cost of everything.

using my LED photo studio shoot

To my fellow entrepreneurs that are looking for excellent lighting, convenient and portable studio light box. Consider looking into this studio photo box as your go to photo box. I am truly happy I made the decision to purchase this back in May.

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