038: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Qualified Childcare in your Area

Stop stressing and let me point you in the right direction…



is not always


I want to help any parent out trying to find childcare. It doesn’t matter the state, county, or country you reside in. To find the proper childcare in your specific area. It’s already a tough job to afford daycare fees. Let alone finding the qualified facility to ensure the safety and care of our precious babies. Keep in mind the safety of any child is everyone’s responsibility. Whether inside or outside the home. You can not assume that the children you encounter are well taken care of or around like-minded people like yourself and me.

Nowadays, you can’t just leave your child at a neighbors house, with a so call friend, family member, or community daycare. Without doing the proper research. We have so many offenders in this world. We can’t be so sure anyone is reliable. 

Our children rely on us as parents to protect them at all costs. One mistake or assumption could very well cost you a life. 

Now if you have recently moved or in the process of moving or just looking for another childcare facility. It’s time to start this process. In this post, I provide you with 2 helpful Hotlines. These hotlines are very resourceful with the information they provide. Just because they provide you with this information. It does not stop there. You will have to personally visit every center. What may look good on the internet may not appear that way in person.

Research is so very important. 

You need to make sure they hold a current license. How would you know? Most likely on tour of the facility it is normally hanging on the wall, or placed on the desk for visual purposes. If not, ask to see it. As simple as that.

Casually speak with the staff members. See how they treat you, your child, and other children. They are the ones, handling your baby/child. If they are too aggressive or anything questionable about them. RED Flag!! Just leave the building right then and there. Don’t waste another minute. Why do I say that? You don’t have time for second chances when it comes to your child or children. Period!

You need to also verify, or confirm the staff members are CPR & AED certified. Remember you do not have time to waste. The staff must be certified just in case anything happens. Preparation is KEY!!

The hotlines will provide you with Childcare Resources, License Centers, Inspection Reports, Quality ratings, Weekly Rates, and more. 

You should FIRST call Child Care Aware hotline 1-800-424-2246

Then SECOND contact Quality Care For Children 1-877-255-4254

Now get to work and find Qualified Childcare!

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