031: You Must Read this before using Resin!

Everything You Need To Make Resin Items:

  1. Resin Cups
  2. Stirring Utensils
  3. Resin Casting
  4. Resin Silicone Molds
  5. Well Ventilated Space
  6. PPE – Gloves, Goggles/Face Shield, Mask, Apron etc.
  7. Heating Tool
  8. Mold Release (Optional)

Lesson Learned!

One of the first things I have learned while making jewelry. The importance of wearing PPE, Personal Protection Equipment. In this video I am going to share with you. I have on my goggle, face shield, mask, apron, in a well ventilated space and have my air purifier on. Can you guess what I forgot to wear?

I regret that I didn’t wear a pair. I am being totally honest to share that I am paying the price of not wearing a pair of gloves. My hands has not been the same since.

How to make resin jewelry


Within the first 30 minutes of me filming this video. My hands became itchy. I immediately got up and started washing my hands with soap. If I followed the directions provided. I should have rinsed my hands with water. Then apply Alcohol to the designated spots that was exposed. After that, I should have washed my hands with Soap and Water.

Boy oh Boy I regret it.

After an hour of exposure, my hand got extremely dry. Some spots were red and itchy. My hands were so itchy.. I was hoping I would have won the lottery. No it didn’t! Just a case of not wearing PPE when I should have.


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Over the course of 24 hours, I soaked my hands in warm water with 2 pinches of baking soda. Instead of using lotion. I used Hydrocortisone Ointment to relieve the irritation. This Ointment I have personally never used before until now. Within seconds of applying the ointment to my hands. The itching sensation decreased.

How to Use Resin


Resin causes damage when it comes into contact with your eyes, skin and clothes. It is very important to wear the necessary Personal Protective Equipment. The safety precautions are there to help us from the damage it can cause. Case in point, my hands are still damage. This can not be undone. If chose to continue using resin. I have to think more of myself and remember to wear ALL PPE when you’re crafting.

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