030: Things You’ll Love About Sulfur 8

Sulfur8 ingredients include 2 percent active sulfur, inactive lanolin, petrolatum, mineral oil and menthol.

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10+ benefits of using sulfur 8

Sulfur is a chemical element with the symbol S and atomic number 16. It is abundant, multivalent, and nonmetallic. Under normal conditions, sulfur atoms form cyclic octatomic molecules with a chemical formula S₈. Elemental sulfur is a bright yellow, odorless, tasteless, crystalline solid at room temperature.

Here you will find out:

  1. When to use Sulfur8
  2. How To Use Sulfur8
  3. The Benefits of Using Sulfur8
  4. Where To Purchase Sulfur8
  5. My Experience Using Sulfur 8

When to use sulfur8:

  • Dandruff, Extreme Dandruff
  • Flaky Scalp
  • Brittle/Dry Hair
  • Easily Tangled Hair
  • Ringworms
  • Scabies
  • Mites
  • Patches
  • Other Parasites
  • Lice

How to use Sulfur8:

It’s best to part your hair and apply a dime-size amount to each part. Once each part is covered with Sulfur8. Massage your head for about 1 minute. Make sure your scalp is completely covered.

The Benefits of Using Sulfur8:

Sulfur8 keeps your scalp free of mites, any fungus, any parasites, and condition your hair for growth.

Beautiful Shoulder Length Hair
What Sulfur 8 does to your hair

Where To Purchase Sulfur8:

Now, if you’re wondering where to purchase Sulfur 8. There two different kinds of Sulfur8. You can try the Light Formula, which looks like this.

You can try the Original Formula, which looks like this:

(**Affiliate Link** If you purchase through my link. I will receive a small commission at NO EXTRA charge to you)

My Experience With Using Sulfur 8:

I have a dry scalp and experience dandruff from time to time. Sulfur8 Original Formula has been so soothing to my scalp. I generally will use this twice a week. I’ve noticed doing this twice a week. My scalp is conditioned, with no itching or dandruff, and my roots are more manageable.

My natural hair curl pattern is a kinky 4c. Without using the right products on my hair. My hair will get tangled and extremely unmanageable. In sharing this information with you. If you have a curl pattern like mine, if your hair is like a sponge (dry easily) or/and if you have dandruff. You should try Sulfur 8.

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