024: Foods That Increase Breast Milk For Nursing Moms

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To all my nursing Moms out here let’s face it producing breastmilk is a WHOLE JOB within itself. To My Fellow Breastfeeding Mommies I salute US! Nobody can understand how we do it and why we do it but US!! From the time I found out I was pregnant. I started doing massive research on Breastfeeding and The Benefits of it. With the responsibility of another human being let alone a newborn baby. It was constantly on my mind.

When I went to my very first prenatal appointment. I had the opportunity to meet with a Lactation Specialist. Yes I was given the opportunity to meet with one. Now, when I met with them. I had all my questions written down and the research I had done, with me. So I was ready and prepared to share the information I had with The Lactation Specialist. In that moment, I soaked up some valuable information. That I am willing share with you.

Cognitive Development:


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In that appointment I learned that breastfeeding helps boost your newborn, toddler and child neurodevelopment. Which is the Cognitive.. There are 8 Cognitive Areas that are boost through breastmilk Attention, Perception, Response Inhibition, Memory, Language and More. The right diet and mindset of a Mommy To Be is vital. Very vital for the new life that is forming within you.

With that being said, I’ve learned that certain foods and healthy diet helps you to boost more breastmilk. It is true that particular foods and herbs can help stimulate your milk production.


If you question any information I share with you. I strongly encourage you to meet with a Lactation Specialist, Nutritionist and/or Prenatal Doctor about it. I am in no way a doctor or specialist. Nor am I claiming that the information I share with you here today will in fact work for you. This information I share with you is from my own personal experience and it did in fact work for me. That is the purpose of this blog & video.

Foods Good To Boost Breastmilk:

  1. Carrots containing Beta-carotene and vitamin A. Eating a cup of carrots or drinking 8 to 16 ounces of Carrot Juice 1 hour prior to breastfeeding. Increases your breastmilk supply
  2. Steel Cut Oats containing iron. Eating 1 bowl of the steel cut oats 1 hour prior to breastfeeding. Doubles your breastmilk supply. Eating a bowl of this relaxes mom and helps mom breast milk to flow
  3. Garlic is a galactagogue. Which is a substance whether synthetic, plant derived or endogenous. Promotes lactation in animals and humans.
  4. Almonds containing Calcium, Copper, Fat, Fiber, Magnesium, Manganese, Vitamin B2, Vitamin E and Proteins. This nut is great for promoting breast milk in nursing mothers. Especially those that suffer from poor lactation.
  5. Plenty of Water is especially good for nursing moms. It keeps you hydrated and produces the volume you need in breast milk. Breastfeeding takes all of your nutrients and gives it to your baby.
  6. Papaya an unripe green papaya is good to produce breast milk. An unripe green Papaya boost the production of the Oxytocin Hormone. Which increases the breast milk flow.

This is just a few of the Foods that was shared with me to boost my breastmilk supply. The 4 out of the 6 that was shared doubled my on demand breastmilk and supply. I could pump 4 bottles of breastmilk to supply(freeze) and at the same time still breastfeed(latch) my baby. I never miss a beat doing this. Breastfeeding is truly an honor to do. This is a Job, Journey, Lesson and Memory to hold forever. Just to know you hold the power of creating not only a physical foundation (security) also a developmental foundation. It all starts within the WOMB!!

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