023: What has Juicing done for me?

Juicing has been a beautiful experience for me. My personal opinion on juicing is not to persuade you into doing this. It is simply to share my experience about starting this new journey.

I am truly happy, I started Juicing. Why? Well I have Crohn’s Disease. It has been tough but manageable. It is manageable by the decision I’ve made to change my diet. Case in point, Juicing!

Certain Foods that I enjoy eating a lot. Had to be totally removed from my diet. It wasn’t a hard choice to make for me. I was ready to feel normal again and get back into the swing of things.

Anyone dealing with a chronic disease understand where I’m coming from. Yes there are many medications on the market to assist with Crohn’s. However it wasn’t helping me but making it even more difficult. I say this because the medication has long term affects to your kidneys, liver, eye sight and more.

In my personal experience the medication was extremely affecting my eye sight and kidneys. So I made the conscious decision to stop taking any medication that was prescribed to me. I started taking Olive Leaf, Omega 3-6-9, Black Seed Oil, Walnut Oil and others.

Your doctor prescribe you a particular medication. When you pick that medication up from the pharmacy. Have you even thought about reading the whole pamphlet about the possible side effects. It’s real! I don’t care how many doctors, pharmacist, nurses, etc. try to down play the side effects. You are the one taking that medication, not them.

The videos I’ve shared with you on YouTube. They are my personal experiences. They may not resinate with everyone. Which is understandable. What works for one, may not work for all. Hear me when I say this, your personal experience is of your own.

Their many benefits of Juicing but there is a down fall of Juicing. The down fall is you’re losing Fiber. The Pulp that you separate from the juice. That is the very fiber your body needs.

What I’ve learned to do is to incorporate the Pulp into my diet. I add it to my stew, muffins, cupcakes, bread or make frozen popsicles. I do not waste the pulp. Like many people may do.

I encourage you to do your research about Juicing. At least try it for 3 days and see what is does for you. Juicing may not be for everyone. I know this. Just consider giving it a try and see what you may benefit from it.

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