018: Music for your Social Media Platforms

Copyright Music

Simply Special – Little Pieces of Hannah

Simply Special is purple base bracelet with iridescent beads. You can chose from 3 different sizes


Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is a music subscription site for content creators. You can explore thousands of different genre of music. Download the tracks you like and add them to your video. That same video that you created can be uploaded to any social media platform or YouTube channel that you have. Just as long as you, 1- keep your music subscription active 2- have your platforms and YouTube channel added to your music subscription account. With Epidemic Sound you have 3 choices for a plan. Make sure to visit their site www.epidemicsound.com


Musicbed is also a music subscription site for content creators. The awesome thing with Musicbed. They have 5 different plans you can chose from. Guess what! The prices are so very reasonable. You just have to find a plan that fits your needs and also cover you from any copyright strikes. If you chose to use them as a music subscription site. Make sure to visit their www.musicbed.com


Hooksounds music subscription is not the other sites. Hooksounds have a monthly subscription you can pay $69 per month or a yearly subscription for a rate of $29 totally $348 without the taxes included. There’s no limit on how many tracks you can download which is, GREAT! You would be covered for YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Vimeo. They do offer discounts for Non-Profit Organization and Educational Program. Make sure to visit www.hooksounds.com

Copyright Music


Enovomusic is slightly different from other music subscription sites. They have a license agreement which you can view at your discretion. They have 3 memberships you can chose from: Unlimited Online $ 29, Local Broadcast $99 and International Broadcast $199. There membership says, you pay once and use forever. Just pick the music you like, select the proper licencse and pay for the you like. With Enovomusic you pay for the membership ONCE. Make sure to visit www.enovomusic.com


Foximusic is different from the rest of the music subscription sites. Foximusic has 3 plan you can chose from Basic $29 per track, Standard $39 per track, Premium $129 per track. Foximusic provides a prepaid music pack you can chose from 3 tracks, 5 tracks and 10 tracks. 100% Copyright Clear with safe & secure purchases. Make sure to visit www.foximusic.com


Artlist royalty free music subscription has 3 plans you can chose from. The only difference is you are billed annually. The 3 plans are Music + SFX $25 monthly rate (billed annually), Music $16.60 monthly rate (billed annually) and SFX $12.41 monthly rate (billed annually). Make sure to visit www.artlist.io.com

Royalty Free Music

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