009: Link your Facebook Pixel to your Shopify Store Instantly

Simple, Sweet and to the Point!!

Step 1: Google “Facebook Business Manager

Step 2: Click on your AD Account (If you don’t already have one set up. Please Do)

Step 3: Go to the TOP LEFT corner and Click on Business Manager

Step 4: Stroll down to “Event Manager”

Step 5: Under Data Sources – Go to the center of the page

Step 6: Click on the first block you see – Get Started

Step 7: Copy your Facebook Pixel ID#

Step 8: Open your website (Shopify)

Step 9: Click on your Online Store

Step 10: Scroll down to Preferences

Step 11: Scroll down to Facebook Pixel

Step 12: Paste your Facebook Pixel code in the box provide

Step 13: Save it and your done

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