008: YouTube Video Ideas for New YouTubers

Are you thinking about starting a channel? Not sure what content to put out? Not sure of a niche? Just don’t know where to start? If this is you, continue to read this post for ideas you can start with.

If you have started a YouTube channel and have ran out of ideas for more content. This post is for you also!

We all can relate at some point or another with this. I’m here to help you find that extra push to get started or keep going. I remember when I created my channel and nervous of what to create. What will people think of me? Will anybody I know judge me for this?

After 3 months, I finally said what the heck and put my first video out. It was a simple video. Nothing extra. After about 2 days of it being published. I thought hey that wasn’t bad at all. I can do this.

I knew it wasn’t my best video. I knew that! The good thing is, I got started. The ball was rolling from there. I started writing down ideas from that point on. The excitement I felt got me going.

I’m saying all this to say. If you want to be a content creator. This is your chance to do it. If you hit a road block along the way. Visit this post and keep going!

The list I have created for you is in the video below. Don’t worry it’s not a long video. Just 35+ video ideas to get you going!

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