006: Tea Recipe For A Sore Throat

Sore Throat

Woke up early from a sore throat. I couldn’t fall back to sleep because of it. Immediately decided to make a strong tea to kick this sore throat in the ass. Send it back to the sender 10 times harder. I’m serious! I had a sore throat on steroids. That’s no fun.

Tea Recipes

As you can imagine, I was in the kitchen wiping up my tea recipe times 10. Determine to get rid of this. Thankfully, I had all my ingredients needed to make it. Thank God!


The links provided are through Amazon. Hopefully you find it useful during this quarantine and self isolation period. Below I have attached my video for you to see how I made it. Leave a comment and tell me how you like it.

I have to admit this to you. The first sip was the best sip! The ginger gave my throat thee most cooling & soothing feeling. That was just what I needed. The Cooling Effect!!

The Cooling Effect

By evening, my sore throat was gone. No lingering soreness or nothing. That night I sleep like a baby. This tea recipe I will continue to use with or without any symptoms of sickness. It was good. Not only that, It helped to settle my stomach. So it was overall beneficial to my well being. You should try it!

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