005: App’s for Kids

Learning App’s for Kids

Yes that’s right, App’s for Kids!

Let’s be clear. The days we are living in now are very internet base

Yes you read that right! App’s for Kids. Let’s face it, we are living in a time now. Where everything is internet base. I mean you can grocery shop right from your very own phone. So of course, you’re bound to find toddler friendly app’s in the comfort of your phone, table or computer. The app’s I am referencing are equipped with learning tools, lullabies, animation shows and milestone progress.

John Wooden


As a parent you know how valuable this can be. For as much as we pay for the cell phones, tablets and computer. This is a bang for our buck. For me it is. You don’t have to leave your home to find an activity for your child.

Through my research, I have found app’s that are kid friendly, some are free, some are paid, no spam, educational and learning friendly. This has helped with this quarantine. Keeping my kids occupied and safe from inappropriate exposure.

Here are the list of app’s that we currently use. Hopefully you find them helpful

  • KBS Kids App (Free)
  • Homer Reading App (Paid)
  • Duo ABC App (Free)
  • ABC Mouse App (Paid)
  • Kinedu App (Paid)
  • Speech Blubs App (Paid)
Safe App’s For Kids

Books for Kids

While app’s are convenient and easier to access. We also have books that kid friendly and educational at the same time. The books we are currently using we have obtain them from Amazon, Walmart, BJ’s, Target and so fourth. The books are fun and hands on for kids all ages.

Woodrow Wilson

The Amazon links are provided for you to access easily with no stress. We enjoy these books all day, everyday all the time.

Remember your little ones soak up everything. They are little sponges and take in every single drop. The skills you instill in them during their early stages can stick with them their whole life.

Please share with me what app’s and books you use for your little ones. Leave a comment down below. I enjoy reading your comments.

2 thoughts on “005: App’s for Kids

  1. thanks sis for sharing this is well needed for some mother with younger children. I know my baby sister uses some of these with her daughter who are very young. TFS. keep up the good work. I to am a journalist and not just a youtuber. feel good to know that you journal as well. aka crystalvlogs from youtube just in case you didn’t know who I was lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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