004: How to Replace FORD Key Fob

This will be a short post. Over the course of the weekend. I ran into a dilemma when the battery of my key fob died. You may think that it’s nothing major. Well when you’re out and about then it becomes major. I literally could not get in my car because of this. I called my local dealership and explained to them what was wrong.

They quickly told me over the phone. That it appears as if the battery in my key fob was dead. Nothing wrong with my car, just the key fob. I thought to myself, Great!! That’s it. So I simply asked the simple question, How much will it cost to replace the battery? The answer I got, Blew Me Away. Well Ma’am! It will cost you between $98 to $240. I said quickly, You got to be kidding me right. Stop Playing! How much? He said Ma’am this is no joke. That’s the price range.

So Blown!!

In times like this, where money is tight. Blowing $98 to $230 on a battery is not practical. I’m quite sure from that conversation. You could pretty tell what I did from there. I walked to the closest BJ’s and asked the Automotive Associate what kind of battery my key fob takes and do they sell it.

To my luck, the battery I needed they actually sell it in the warehouse.

My stress was over and it only cost me $12.98. I replace the battery myself. Yes I totally took the time and replace the battery myself.

Check out the video below to see my process!

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